Why is Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev here?
Sink your keith into learning the purpose of Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev.

Purpose of Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev

by Keith Taylor

Purpose of Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev

Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev is a hub for all Keith Taylor’s Internet Content. Including, but not limited to:

  • Sites owned by Keith Taylor.
  • Sites Keith has contributed to.
  • Keith Taylor’s Social networks.
  • Keith Taylor Public Profile Pages.
  • Keith’s Archived content.
  • Any other Internet content written by Keith Taylor.

Also, I write about tools I use, or have used. Including writing, publishing, and authoring tools.

Finally, I occasionally publish personal stuff here. Especially where it supports my ‘bio’.

Purpose Statement for Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev

My Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev Purpose Statement for 2021 is:

The Purpose of Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev is to link all Keith Taylor's Internet Content. Also, to give personal context to those links. So that readers can easily access and understand my work.
About Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev

Your Purpose for Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev

I’ve explained why Keith-Taylor.Pages.Dev exists. And why you should use it to find information that interests you. So now it’s time for you to think carefully about why you are here.

For example, you might just want to find out more about Keith Taylor. Or you might have an issue that you want to get help for.

In the first case, continue to browse these ‘About’ pages. Then browse facts, examples, and articles. Starting from the Home Page. Or search for topics that interest you using links at the top and bottom of every page.

In the second case, I hope that you might consider starting a PROSPRA project. But I still have lots to do to make that site an easy-to-use tool. So for now, I recommend that you start discussing your issue(s) on the Keith Taylor’s Internet Content Issues Page.

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